• Community Kite Festival

    March 8th,11AM - 3 PM
  • Islamic Acaemdy of Huntsville Fundraising event

    Saturday March 15, 5:30PM
  • Parenting in the west an Islamic perspective

    Workshop at Huntsville Islamic Center, March 16, 2014
  • Ramadan is the (month) in which the Quran was sent down, as a guide to mankind

  • While breaking the fast, say:

    O Allah! I have fasted for you, and with the sustenance given by you I break my fast
  • And make the call for pilgrimage

    They will come to you walking or riding on every kind of fast mount. They will come from the farthest locations” (22:27).

Welcome to Huntsville Islamic Center

As-salaamu ‘alaykum; Greetings of peace!

Welcome to Huntsville Islamic Center (HIC). We are located in the city of Huntsville and serve Muslims living in all of the Tennessee Valley area.We are honored to have you, appreciate that you have come to learn about us, and look forward to learning about you. Here, you can learn about Huntsville’s local Muslim community, find information about our events and services, and discover opportunities for interfaith understanding. Please feel free to join us at our events and prayer services, and to contact us with any questions about Islam or Muslims.
The center offers a place to pray, Community Center, Sunday school, summer school, Quranic and Arabic teachings in addition to a full time Islamic school that covers preschool through 8th grade. We also have weekend Flag Football and Basketball leagues throughout the year for the youth of our community.

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Huntsville 's Community Kite Festival  

A community Kite Festival is planned for Saturday, March 8, 2014 at John Hunt Park, 2140 Airport Road, Huntsville, AL 35807.  The event is free and open to the public.  HIC will have a booth. A variety of fun activities for the family are planned.  Bring your kites lawn chairs, and dress warmly.
Kay Campbell of the Huntsville Times says;
7 reasons to bring your family to Huntsville's Kite Festival on March 8, 2014
Huntsville’s Kite Festival, hosted by AshaKiran and the City of Huntsville, will be Saturday, March 8, 2014, down at the Jaycees Building and John Hunt Park on Airport Road just west of Memorial Parkway. Expect the breezes to begin blowing immediately after the 10:45 a.m. opening.
Here are 7 reasons to put it on your family’s refrigerator calendar:
  1.     12,000 of your fellow citizens will be out, having a good time.
  2.     60 local organizations that offer both resources and ways to get involved in making life in North Alabama better for everyone, from banking to mental health, education and protecting the weak.
  3.     1 free ID card will be made for any child who wants one.
  4.     2 booths with crafts for kids to make, thanks to Burritt Museum and Huntsville Botanical Garden.
  5.     5 music groups: the Huntsville Drum line, Celtic musicians, Junior League Rhythm Rainbow Band and DJ Self Esteem.
  6.     It costs -0- dollars to get in. Bring your own kites, or buy one at cost at the festival.
  7.     Umpteen ways to get the word out about an organization you are involved in that is working for community improvement, education, justice, personal growth or meeting basic needs.

Parenting in the west - an Islamic perspective 

Peace be with you all,
Drs M.Rida & Ekram Beshir are published authors and well known speakers in Child learning are coming to  Huntsville Islamic center for the weekend of March 14th.

***Friday, MARCH  14, 2014 :
12:30 PM   Friday sermon
7:00 - 8:00 PM   Lecture  "How to Attain Paradise in our Homes"
***Saturday, MARCH  15, 2014:
Guest Speaker: Mohammed Rida Beshir
When : Welcome & Appetizers : 5:30pm
Where : Huntsville Islamic Center, 1645 Sparkman Dr., Huntsville, AL 35816
Cost: Adult Ticket $15.00, Children $10.00 (Ages 2-12)
Tickets available in the IAH office or after Friday Prayer.
Information: (256) 722-9838; IslamicAcademyOfHuntsville@gmail.com
Advanced ticket sales required, this will be a formal dinner.
Enjoy our renowned speaker, door prizes & student presentations
  *Childcare is available for children ages two & older (with a ticket)*
***Sunday, MARCH  16, 2014:
9:30 AM - 5:15 PM    Parenting Workshop
Detailed workshop Program:
09:30-10:30    Arrival, late registration, refreshments
10:30-10:45    Qur'an recitation and opening remarks by organizers
10:45-12:45    Session 1 "Parenting Principles According to Qur'an and Sunnah"
12:45-13:45    Break for noon(Zuhr) prayer and lunch
13:45-15:15    Session 2 "Self Search for Better Parenting"
15:15- 15:30   Short break
15:30-16:15  Session 3, part 1 “Hands on Experience”: (Case studies by individual groups)
16:15-17:15   Session 3, part 2 “Hands on Experience”: (Reporting of the groups    and open discussions)
17:15             Concluding remarks and afternoon(Asr) Prayer
* Free workshop *
* Free Lunch *
* Free Babysitting *
Books on parenting will be available for Sale during the Workshop.

Secretary, Social Affairs
HIC Board of Directors

Prayer Times

Wednesday April 16, 2014
15 Jamadilakhir , 1435 Hijri

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